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AIt always comes down to one simple formula for perfect cooking results - select a product, load it, and that’s it — no matter who’s operating the unit. Al Taqah KitchensTrading is providing different commercial kitchen equipment,restaurant equipment Dubai, kitchen accessories Sharjah, restaurant supplies UAE. Our cooking line product range is comprehensive and designed for commercial kitchen equipment’s. The cooking line range includes stone hearth ovens, wood fired ovens, gas fired ovens, electric stone hearth ovens, pizza ovens, duck ovens, tandoors, rotis series, bread ovens, standard & specialty char grills as well as churrasco’s, teppanyaki, shawarmas, charcoal ovens, fire pits&parillas. We even design and manufacture custom-made fireplaces. We now have a Sharjah sales office, who are able to customize the full stone hearth oven, duck oven, rotis series oven and tandoor lines for clients in restaurant supplies UAE. Al Taqah Kitchens Trading Al Taqah Kitchens Trading Equipmentsare pleased to offer a series of standard charcoal grills & gas grills. our char grills are a radical departure from conventional designs and improve on nearly every feature this type of grill can offer. Flexibility is our key ingredient and our company motto "If you can conceptualise it, we can build it" enables our team of design engineers to take your dream idea and make it into a spectacular customised oven for your kitchen. Innovative modular conception to create over hanging, island or single installations for total freedom in the kitchen Featuring class leading technological innovation and design System 700 is perfect for moderately sized restaurant equipment in Dubai, where space is at a premium but where compromise on style, quality, flexibility, power and performance is not a consideration of commercial kitchen accessories in Sharjah. Our combi ovens cooking line are ideal for the initial preparation of your food requirements whether boiled, fried, roasted, grilled or baked. Research, innovation, design and character. Al Taqah Kitchens Trading trades professional cookers that respond to the numerous needs of professional chefs, with great attention paid to ergonomics, comfort, functions, strength and safety.


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