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We at Al Taqah Kitchens Trading a commercial kitchen equipment Sharjah supplier are committed in manufacturing of custom made kitchen equipment on the basis of customer needs, budget and delivery schedule thereby achieving satisfaction of the client. We are the youngest amongst the firms in the country which provide turn key services for commercial kitchens. Dedicated establishment exclusively dealing with the complete range of food service equipment which has been established by a knowledgeable group having complete and incomparable experience of the needs of the small, medium and standard establishments catering to small groups like bakeries doubling as eateries also, medium sized eateries, restaurants and large and standard hotels with a very large and fully satisfied client. We a commercial kitchen equipment Sharjah supplier is a manufacturing specialist contractor. A distributor in commercial kitchen equipments of restaurant refrigerator, restaurant kitchen and commercial oven. A total service is provided to customer from consultation, planning and designing of their kitchen service facilities. From fabrication, import, supply installation and servicing of equipment. Our manufacturing facilities,commercial kitchen accessories manufacturing and technical expertise cater to the manufacture of a broad range of refrigeration equipment and stainless steel products for commercial kitchens and other commercial and industrial applications. Strict quality control is exercised to ensure quality, finish and compliance with design details and specifications before products are allowed to leave factory. Our custom product ranges Single Bowl Sink Unit, Kitchen Hood, Rotery Chicken Grill, Double Bowl Sink Unit, Upright Meat Chiller, Bread Saj, Pot Wash Sink, Base Cabinet, Mobile Tandoor Oven, Hand Wash Sink, Charcoal Barbecue,Gas Pizza Oven, Work Top Table, Shawerma Machine. Al Taqah Kitchen Trading equipments lays the greatest stress on the quality of the end.  Equipment produced by the machinery it deals with particularly, since the client of modern high class. Eateries cater to people whose palates are kindled by a variety of food products ranging from the spicy to the delicate taste and Flavors. Combined with superior nutritional value of preparations, made under rigid hygienic conditions.



We manufacture stainless steel double skin exhaust hoods, tables, sinks, cupboards and more. To help restaurant & hotel leaders achieve their vision and use every millimeter (or inch). In addition, our custom stainless steel products are factory-direct. 

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