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Food product storage that is accessed by staff. When selecting this type of refrigeration, the end user may decide to follow the refrigeration route to a sub-variety of reach-in style refrigerators and cold storage and find a specific sub-type that caters to a specific need. A decent but quick selection of the refrigeratorsion and cold storage equipment you need for your operation is possible. Try and judge by two questions: What will be stored? Where will it be stored? Al Taqah Kitchens Trading is provides different categories of refrigerators and cold storage in Rrestaurant Eequipment Dubai. The categories are horizontal serve-over displays, mini cold rooms 100x100 cm base, vertical multi-deck displays,horizontal serve-over displays(serie m, salina, saline plus, salina lux, kibuk, panarea, rivo, nettuno). mini cold rooms 100x100 cm base. Minicella 100 is designed in order to satisfy every kind of conservation needs. Its small dimensions 100 x 100 x 212 cm high make it easy to install every where, even in narrow place like kitchen accessories Sharjah and Restaurant Supplies UAE. The different internal fitting and the simple loading make it a practical and functional tool for every occasion and usage. Al Taqah Kitchens Trading provides the commercial kitchen equipment which is made of stainless steel floor, self closing self-closing door, ceiling mounted monoblock with automatic condensate water evaporation already assembled on the ceiling panel. The Minicella 100 provided by Al Taqah Kitchens Trading is completely detachable made of 6 panels with hook attachment system which can be delivered assembled and ready for installation in Restaurant Equipment Dubai Al Taqah Kitchens Trading is provides all types of refrigerators and cold storage in kitchen accessories, Sharjah and giving a wonderful services for all the refrigerators and cold storage of commercial kitchen equipment Industry. We are the best commercial refrigerator supplier in UAE, A refrigerator/freezer is a way to keep your items cool and accessible at arm’s length while standing. In other words, It is the most common type of refrigerators and cold storage available today. They range in size from approx. 26” wide to 87” wide. They also come with enough accessories to make them able to store and cool most any food service product you could think.


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