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Al Taqah machinery, equipment and supplies for bakeries cover all the phases of the bread-making process, from mixing, through leavening to baking. All are carefully respected to produce an end product with high qualities of food service equipment. A range of highly reliable industrial solutions that comply with EC standards and are guaranteed by Al Taqah Kitchens Trading. Bread slices categories are horizontal bread slicers OP, Semi-automatic bread slicer MINI, Semi-automatic bread slicer MPT ,Automatic self-service slicer MPT SHOP , Automatic 2 belts slicer. Why Commercial kitchen needs bakery equipment We catering equipment suppliers of bakery equipment's bread slicers give a perfect bread cut. In a semi-automatic version, thanks to a central "assisted cutting lever" they are suitable for both left-handers and right-handers. Automatic version, the cut is adjustable and programmable. Bakery equipment flour sifter is considered among the most important material for the baker and pastry chef. Since it allows a better purification of the flour from the impurities resulting from its transport and from the insects that affect it during its storage. As it allows to air and sift the flour. Categories of bakery equipment We the catering equipment suppliers in bakery equipment section provides Bread grinder 100-200 kg/h, Bread grinder 300 kg/h. Bakery equipment Bread moulding categories of Baguette moulding machine MBA, Baguette moulding machine with motorized exit belt MBA/L, Moulding machine 4 cylinders with loaf shaping plate FR/4CF INOX .


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