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Commercial washer and dryer i.e in layman laguage called as Dishwashers cleans and restock dinnerware, utensils, glassware and assist other restaurant staff members to handle other cleaning and prep tasks. Add your essential dishwasher duties to our full dishwasher job description sample to create a custom job listing for your business. Al Taqah Kitchens Trading is providing different types of dishwasher, that are glass washer, front loading dishwasher, ware washer, pass through dishwasher, rack conveyor dishwashers in commercial kitchen equipment along with being ice makers suppliers, storage equipment suppliers in UAE. Glasswasher is having different types of dish washer models, that are soft line S209EH, S209E, S208E, S205EH, K209ER, K209EHR, K209EH, S209E, K209ER, K207E, K205ER, K205E, FLS209EH, FLS209E, FLS208E, FLK209EH. Why choose Al Taqah? The SOFT line dish washer models are equipped with an automatic water softener that offers the possibility to break-down the formation of limestone with extreme efficiency. In fact, the commercial washer and dryer softener is completely autonomous and automatically controls its regeneration intervals according to the hardness of the inlet water.   All you have to do is fill the salt tank whenever the message “lack of salt” appears on the display. The resins are regenerated during wash cycles, so no machine downtime is required. The tempered glass UNIKO-MID lcdLCD-touch display is extremely reliable and ensures optimum performance. Selecting one of the 4 wash cycles available is really simple and practical messages on the display will allow preserving the dishwasher life. How we are better? The S209EH is suitable for washing cups, saucers and glasses with a useful passage up to 315 mm. The electronic control allows you to manage various parameters to give you an absolute customisation level and the continuous self-diagnosis allows you to minimise machine downtime, suggesting some operations to be verified. The self-cleaning cycle at the end of the day cleans the wash tank and empties the boiler from the hot water, preventing limestone forming inside. The standard double peristaltic electric rinse-aid and detergent dispenser ensures the best result from each wash cycle with great savings thanks to the precise dosage managed by the electronic card for commercial washer and dryer.   Whereas, the moulded washing and rinsing arms ensure great reliability and durability. The Thermo-stop function checks that washing and rinsing begin only when the desired temperature is reached. The bodywork is made entirely of AISI 304 steel and has been designed with all components in the front to allow easy technical assistance. Sturdy and reliable dishwashers to best deal with every moment of your day in the industry of restaurant equipment supply, commercial washer and dryer.


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