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Our Al Taqah Kitchens Trading product range is comprehensive and designed for commercial kitchen equipments. The range includes display cabinets, heated air curtain cabinets, holding & display cabinets, holding cabinets, warmers, carving stations, decorative carving stations. For snack equipment that provides functional carving displays, Al Taqah’scarving stations provide proper serving temperatures and extend holding times during serving periods which is best in restaurant supplies UAE. Commercial kitchen equipment line of our carving stations offers snack equipment solutions for buffets, catering, clubs & bars, restaurants & cafés, and supermarkets & delis. Best Brands we deal with Our snack equipments are specifically designed for your snack products to assure consistent quality, easy cleaning, and reliable operation. Choose from cookers for bagels, donuts, breakfast pastries, fruit-filled pies, and tostadas. For cookies, crackers, cereal, snacks and other baked foods, we provide best multi head weighers and check weighers, CEIA metal detectors, dust enclosures, container fillers, seasoning applicators, and a variety of conveyor systems. We can offer you best restaurant equipment in Sharjah, kitchen accessories in Dubai, restaurant supplies in UAE, small counter-top appliances that are particularly useful in fast food stalls and many small restaurants. Additional assortment of stainless steel that is a necessary asset to every kitchen is also provided. This will provide you with all of the ingredients and necessary things right at your fingertips. Our carving station has a pre-focused heat that bathes the entire surface to provide effective heat distribution, keeping foods at optimum serving temperatures for extended holding times. It has the following features - Includes a sturdy right-hand side sneeze guard, with a left-hand side sneeze guard available as an accessory. Shatter-resistant incandescent lights illuminate the holding area while safeguarding foods from bulb breakage. Al Taqah Kitchens Trading’s models include a heated base, with independent controls that define the temperature settings for the ceramic element top heat and the blanket element base heat.


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